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Our Mission

CCLU bridges American and Latino cultures in the Greater Pottstown Area and connects families with needed educational, recreational, legal, and health services.


Respect:  We respect all people and value diversity, differences and perspectives.
Commitment:  We are committed to each other and to the mission of CCLU.
Embracing: We embrace and love everyone.
Enrichment: We enrich the culture and empower the people of the greater Pottstown area.
Integrity:   We conduct our business honestly and treat each individual with dignity.

Centro Cultural Latinos Unidos is known as the place of choice for all Hispanic residents of Pottstown and the tri-county region. This is where Latinos receive the services and the support necessary for them to lead high quality and productive lives. CCLU is an active Spanish cultural diversity center where everyone enjoys the exchange of ideas. This is a place where youth and adults learn from each other. Everyone is welcome and everyone who experiences CCLU marvels at the sense of belonging.  Here Latinos work together to promote pride in their Hispanic heritage and contribute positively to the community in Pottstown and the tri-county region.

CCLU was established as a non-profit in 1997.  Our organization addresses the needs of first and second-generation immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America who make their homes in Pottstown.  We improve their lives through community interaction. We work to provide Latino children and adults with the training, self-discipline and skills they need to overcome the difficulties they face in their schools and work places, and to take productive leadership roles in the community. All the services provided to them are bi-lingual. CCLU's community and collaborative efforts embrace and continue these goals and our mission. 





CCLU is a 501(C-3 ) Located in Montgomery County, Pottstown is an industrial borough of approximately 21,000 people with a median household income of $35,785. Latinos represent one of the fastest growing populations in Pottstown and represent approximately 20% of the population. Currently 75% of that Latino population falls below the United States poverty level.

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